• Student protests show importance of glass safety regulations

    Student protests show importance of glass safety regulations

    In the most part, a single photograph depicted the recent student protests in London. The moment a rioting student kicked in a window at Millbank Tower adorned most newspaper front-pages to illustrate the impact of this violent demonstration. Most observers will regard this as an act of reckless vandalism. However, to any business premise owner

  • Mosques in a western context

    Mosques in a western context

    Photography by Greg Hayward Plans to build a Muslim community centre close to Ground Zero in New York have been causing controversy in America. The project, known as Park51 Muslim Cultural Center, is the creation of the Cordoba Initiative, an organisation which aims “to achieve a tipping point in Muslim-West relations within the next decade,

  • A divine art deco experience

    A divine art deco experience

    Photography by Anthony Weller At last, The Savoy is back in all its resplendent glory. After closing back in December 2007 the hotel became a project of mystery. The Grande Dame was sorely missed and remained closed whilst a select team of architects, designers and experts in the field of restoration projects, worked away under

  • The Stirling Prize

    The Stirling Prize

    Photography by Iwan Baan This year, the famed Stirling Prize has been awarded to the talented Zaha Hadid for the creation of MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. Announced on 2nd October, the prize was given along with £20,000 in recognition of the building of the year. The prize has a

  • Dream Big

    Dream Big

    As designers we are all fascinated by architectural precedents, history and theory but we often define relevant architecture in remarkably narrow terms. It occurred to me one day while sitting beneath a towering Douglas fir tree that perhaps understanding the architecture of a tree would be an equally worthy component of our education. A tree

  • A business collaboration

    A business collaboration

    Developing staff – and the business – at The Interiors Group, with an online approach to employee performance management. The Interiors Group provides high quality office interior fit out and refurbishment solutions. The firm works closely with architects, interior designers, property agents and other parties to achieve the desired result. Key point and main goal:

  • Question Time: Pearls of Wisdom

    Question Time: Pearls of Wisdom

    By: Jade Tilley   Architecture impresario Frank Gehry was recently named ‘Judge Widney Professor of Architecture’ by USC President C. L. Max Nikias. Gehry himself earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the USC School of Architecture in 1954 and it will now be within his power to pass on his pearls of wisdom and

  • Thermal mass: what you need to know

    Thermal mass: what you need to know

    Thermal mass: what you need to know By: Bill Price, National Commercial Technical Manager, Lafarge Cement UK With ever tightening budgets, builders and developers are increasingly being challenged to deliver cost efficiency, both during the building phase and in the long-term use of the property.  Improving energy efficiency is one important aspect, particularly with the

  • Olympic ambition

    Olympic ambition

    In the June/July issue of BB&D, we reported about the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which was about to undergo a transformation – it’s a developers dream. Here we take a look at the plans for the currently crowd-filled park. The London Legacy Development Corporation has a mighty plan for the Olympic site, and it is